Lance Brooks discus throw at Millikin University

As a professional athlete I strive to better myself each and every day in one aspect of life, either professionally or mentally. As we start up the 2016 season I look back on 2015 and think to myself, “What if I would not have got injured”? The first week of June I tore my right pec major off the bone! (I do not recommend this to anyone) I had surgery to reattach it and went through an extensive rehab program. My surgeon told me that I was lucky it happened the way it did, because if I was throwing or lifting the injury would have been catastrophic. (A Blessing in Disguise) I am now fully recovered and stronger now than I was last year! This is very exciting!!! Looking ahead for this 2016 season I have been lifting and throwing since November and I feel amazing! I am looking to start competing Mid-Late March. Check out my competition schedule which I will update periodically.

Many thanks go out to my loving family, friends and fans for their great help and support through the tough times and the good times. Great achievements are yet to come!

Lance Brooks — Discus Thrower

Current Ranking*

USA: Number 14

World: Number 86


* As of April 11, 2015