Lance’s Bio

I was born New Years Day 1984. I weighed 10 pounds and was 22.25 inches long. My foot print barely fit on the birth certificate! I spent my first year in Springfield, IL and then my family moved out to the country. This was great for me because I love the outdoors.

Grade School

My sports career started in 4th grade when I played basketball at the YMCA. I played basketball throughout high school, college and beyond. In 8th grade my school didn’t have a track program, so my parents convinced the school board to allow the school to have a one man track team. That first year it was my uncle, Phil Brooks, who transported me to all track activities. The next year over 50 kids participated in the program.

    I was very active in Boy Scouts, especially loving all of the outdoor activities, and became an Eagle Scout. One of my scouting highlights was taking a 10 day back-pack trip with my dad to the Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico.

Lance before throw at 2012 London Olympic Games

High School

I competed in several track and field events, but I excelled in the discus throw. I won just about every meet I entered and I broke the high school record. As a junior and senior I went to the state track meet, and senior year I was the state discus champion.

Our baseball and track seasons were held at the same time. My coaches allowed me to participate in both sports which was a real juggling act, but we made it work. Baseball was a lot of fun. I played third base and right field and pitched. I threw hard but never really knew where the pitch was going!


I attended Millikin University, Decatur, IL, participating in basketball and track. When basketball season was over, I had a one week of rest before track season started. During college, I broke and set several track records. I graduated with a BS in Environmental Science, and earned interdepartmental minors in Business Management and Art. After graduation I began training at CU. I started graduate school in 2007 at the University of Colorado in Boulder and completed one semester towards a masters in Limnology.

I’m currently employed as a high school throwing coach (shot put and discus). I also work for an oil and gas company, along with other weekend jobs (bartender, bouncer, construction). In addition, I am dedicated to my extensive training and work-out regimen.

Lance Brooks — Discus Thrower


Age: 36

Height: 6' 6"

Weight: 270 lbs.

Wing span: 7 feet

Shoe size: 17



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