2015 Track & Field – Discus

Injured, Tore right pec off of bone. Competed Once, April 11th threw 61.00m ended up 14th in the USA and 86th in the world.

2014 Track & Field – Discus

Took the year to recover, ended up 17th in the USA and 83rd in the world (61.58m).

2013 Track & Field – Discus

National Champion. 1st in USA, 36th in the World, 64.02m

2012 Track & Field – Discus

March 17, CU Boulder, CO: 1st place, 62.30M

March 31, CSU Fort Collins, CO: 1st place, 63.92M

April 14, CU Boulder, CO: 1st place, 61.37M

April 26, San Diego, CA: 13th place, 60.07M

April 28, San Diego, CA: 6th place, 63.05M

May 4, Maui, HI: 2nd place, 64.93M (new personal best)

May 5, Maui, HI: 1st place, 64.61M

May 17, Tucson, AZ: 4th place, 58.80M

May 19, Tucson, AZ: 4th place, 58.88M

May 26, San Mateo, CA: 5th place, 58.33M

May 27, San Mateo, CA: 4th place, 56.22M

June 13, CSU Fort Collins, CO: 1st place, 61.13M

June 20, Portland, OR: 1st place, 63.65M

June 25, Eugene, OR: Olympic Trials Qualifyer, 1st place, 64.8M  olympic rings

June 28, Eugene, OR: Olympic Trials Final, 1st place, 65.15M (new personal best)  olympic rings

2011 Track & Field – Discus

Trained at University of Wisconsin, Jan. 13-28

January 14 meet: 1st place, 59.14M

January 28 meet: 1st place, 60.18M

May 11, Fortaleza, Brazil: 4th place, 59.40M

May 15, Belem, Brazil: 4th place, 59.04M

May 19, Tuscon, AZ: 2nd place, 61.98M

June 23, National Track Meet, Eugene, OR, 3rd place, 63.45M

2010 Track & Field – Discus

Threw personal best: 212 ft 6 in

Coached Track & Field at Cherry Creek High School in Denver

Traveled to Europe to compete professionally

4th best throw in U.S.

Ranked 14th in the world

2009 Track & Field – Discus

Trained in Denver with Steve DeAutremont, full time

Trained in Oregon with Mac Wilkins, summer

Attended 2009 USA Championships, placed 4th

2008 Track & Field – Discus

Trained at the University of Arizona under Craig Carter

Threw personal best: 203 ft 10 in (62.14M)

Attended 2008 Olympic Trials, placed 14th

Ranked 14th in the USA

Inducted into the New Berlin Hall of Fame

Millikin University

Track & Field: Earned 4 varsity letters

Junior 2004-2005 – CCIW conference title: 1st place discus, 161 ft 8 in

Attended D-III national track meet (placed 10th)

Senior 2005-20006 – Set Millikin discus record: 189 ft 9 in

Set CCIW conference discus record: 179 ft 10 in

CCIW conference title: 1st place discus, 179 ft 10 in

Division III national track meet: 4th place discus

Division III All-American

Basketball: Earned 4 varsity letters

Team Captain 2005-2006

New Berlin High School

Earned 4 varsity letters in track & field, 4 in basketball and 4 in baseball


Competing Schedule

  • January
    • Indoor training, getting outside when warm enough.
  • February
    • Indoor/Outdoor training, getting outside when possible.
    • 5th & 6th Gary Shaw Festival, Salinas, CA
    • 7th Winter Pentathlon, Salinas, CA
  • March: Opening season
    • 18th & 19th Boulder, CO (Opening meet)
    • 26th Colorado State University
    • 26th Colorado College, CO springs
    • 26th Emory University, Atlanta, GA (In GA for work 22nd-25th)
  • April:
    • 2nd Air Force meet, CO springs
    • 8th Sun Angle Classic, Tempe, AZ
    • 8th & 9th CU Invitational, Boulder, CO
    • 17th Spring Fling, Salinas, CA
    • 21st Mt Sac
    • 22nd & 23rd CSU
  • May:
    • 6th Laramie, WY
    • 19th & 21st Tucson Elite, Tucson, AZ
    • 27th & 28th Salinas, CA
    • 29th Salinas, CA
  • June:
    • 8th Claremont
    • 11th Chula Vista
    • 11th Claremont
    • 18th & 19th Chula Vista
  • July:
    • 1st-10th USA Olympic team trials, Eugene, OR
    • 7th Men’s Discus Qualifying @ 6pm
    • 8th Men’s Discus Finials @ 3:30pm
  • August:
    • 5th-21st Olympic Games, Rio de Janerio, Brazil
    • 12th-20th Athletics
    • 12th Men’s Discus 9:30-13:10
    • 13th Men’s Discus Finial 9:30-12:50